What’s in your tipple?

With party season in full swing, some of us may be drinking slightly more than we’re used to and likely teetering over the 14 units per week mark.

With a whole host of different drinks and glass sizes, from shots to pints – and don’t get us started on bottles – it’s easy to get confused about how many units are in your drink.

So, as your diaries begin to fill up with a whole manner of social engagements, we’ve spared some time to round up exactly what’s in the nation’s favourite drinks so you can sip sensibly this festive season.

Red wine

175ml (that’s a medium glass) of vino will set you back around 133 calories and 2.5 units, according to Drinkaware.


The UK’s most-favoured drink packs in a hefty 182 calories and 2.3 units for just ONE pint.


Another beloved booze here in the UK, a 125ml glass of Prosecco or champagne totals 1.5 units and 89 calories.

Espresso Martini

You’ll be sipping away 300 calories and 2 units with just ONE Espresso Martini. That’s equivalent to 1 cheeseburger (and not the one you’re going to tuck into on the way home)!


Shockingly, just one pint of 4.5% cider contains a whopping 216 calories and 2.3 units. Who would’ve thought cider was so calorific?

Gin and diet tonic

1 single gin and diet tonic has just 55 calories and 1 unit – a better alcoholic drink choice for those drinking responsibly.

Vodka and diet coke

Another better-for-you option is a single vodka and diet coke. One glass of this classic is again 55 calories and 1 unit.

Jagerbomb shot

Small but mighty, 1 of these shots packs 130 calories and 1 unit, and usually marks the beginning of the end of your night.

Did we miss your drink? Head over to: Unit and Calorie Calculator | Drinkaware to find out exactly what is in your drink of choice.

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