The Health benefits of laughter: World Laughter Day – 2nd May 2021

Do you snigger, snort, titter, or guffaw? There really isn’t a better feeling than laughing. Sometimes it’s completely involuntary and weirdly contagious, when one person starts laughing it slowly moves around a group, with all eventually joining in, even if they don’t know why they are laughing. Sunday 2nd May marks World Laughter Day, and

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Book Clubs

Do you love to read? Did you know we have FOUR free book clubs taking place at the moment via the telephone? Each group is reading a different book, so there is bound to be one that takes your fancy! We’ll even send you a copy of the book if you don’t have it! Just

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How green are your fingers?

We have launched a new virtual gardening club for like-minded people to come together each week for a chat. The group shares experiences, hints, tips and project ideas for the rest to try. It is currently delivered via the phone but in addition members can share their gardening photos on our Facebook group ‘staying in

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6 Activities for Kids

1)Hopscotch – there are two perks of hopscotch as it is both a craft and an exercise. First you will need to make the hopscotch: There are two ways to make your own hopscotch: First you need to clear a little space, enough for five squares or seven squares in length and two squares in width.

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