Social Isolation & Loneliness

You might be feeling lonely or isolated for many reasons, such as if you live alone or don’t regularly meet with friends and family. Following the recent restrictions due to Covid-19, Everyone Health has launched its FREE Stay In Touch telephone and postal service, providing an opportunity to meet new friends whilst at home. Our range of telephone-based groups includes everything from bingo to local history club, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Why seek help for loneliness

If you suffer from loneliness or isolation, you’re not alone. Around a quarter of UK adults say they often feel lonely and it’s something that can have a huge impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, studies have shown it can be as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! That’s because it can lead to depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, tiredness and insomnia.

How we can help with loneliness

Our friendly telephone groups are a great way to meet likeminded people. We have a varied timetable of weekly sessions which take place during week days, as well as evening options too. We also offer free postal services including our weekly puzzle and craft packs, perfect for those who can’t commit to a regular telephone session.

Who can we help?

  • Anyone who lives in Staffordshire and would like to meet new friends to combat loneliness

Please contact us to find out if you are eligible for this service

Where you can get help

Due to Covid-19, our current Stay in Touch programme is operated over the phone so that we can safely provide support despite the current restrictions. Our phone-in group sessions are a great way to connect with others but we also offer free one to one calls and postal support, if preferred.

Online benefits calculator

Staffordshire County Council provide an online benefits checker that enables Staffordshire residents to find out what benefits they may be entitled to. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and all details provided are anonymous.

To find out more about this free and easy to use benefit calculator, please click the link below:

Seek help today

If you feel loneliness is becoming an issue for you or someone you know, contact us to find out more about our FREE support.

You can also call 0333 005 0095