Helping you put the ‘good’ weight back on

Malnutrition, caused by not eating enough, is surprisingly common in the UK, particularly among older people.  In fact, more than a third of people admitted to care homes are malnourished.  Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help.  If you think you, or a relative or friend, are at risk of becoming malnourished we can help you get back to being fully nourished again. 

Why seek help for malnutrition

Malnutrition can have a big impact on your health and on living a normal life, but it’s also something that can be easily treated. If left alone it can lead to weak muscles, feeling tired all the time, low mood and put you more at risk of illnesses or infections.

How we can help you with malnutrition

If we think you are at risk we’ll arrange sessions with a dietician or nutritionist who can give you advice about what should be in your diet. You’ll be given guides to eating well, help with getting your portion sizes right, reading food labels and actually enjoying eating again! You’ll have friendly check-ups and weigh ins, just as with slimming clubs. You certainly won’t be alone in making these changes for long-term health, with up to six months of support available from your own dedicated helper. 

Who can we help with malnutrition?

  • Anyone over 50
  • Anyone who lives in one of 52 Staffordshire wards
  • Anyone registered with one of 20 particular Staffordshire GP practices


Where you can get help for malnutrition

You’ll find these group sessions at a range of places convenient to where you live including Cannock hospital, GP surgeries and Stafford Leisure Centre.  

Get support for malnutrition today 

If you think you or someone you know might need this free support just fill in our short online assessment to see if you are eligible.

You can also contact us at 0333 005 0095 or at

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Sometimes it has been hard to come but those that run the group are very helpful and encourage you loads. I have had one of my tablets for diabetes taken away to make things good. I have lost weight and lost a dress size. Only hope this group can carry on as it is very helpful.

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