Check it out before it catches you out!

The NHS Health Check is a national scheme, open to eligible adults aged 40 – 74, and aims to help individuals to understand their risks of developing preventable health concerns such as heart disease, type two diabetes and kidney disease.

NHS Health Checks are delivered at GP surgeries, as well as community venues across Staffordshire with our dedicated team of healthy lifestyle practitioners. We also visit local workplaces to offer staff the opportunity to receive a check without having to leave the office. After offering an onsite drop-in health check clinic for staff at Alton Towers, one member of staff commented:


"The practitioner explained everything fully as we went along, it gave me a much better understanding of how I can affect my cholesterol level, sugars and risk of diabetes, and what they are currently. I was given plenty of tips on simple things that can affect a good change to lifestyle without costing anything, and was made aware of a couple of apps that help to give daily feedback on progress. I came out feeling much better than I went in!"


If you would like to arrange for our team to deliver an NHS Health Check clinic for your company, please contact us at or book your personal health check appointment today.

Physical Activity
Rediscover your local leisure centre with Everyone Health

We have partnered with Jubilee 2 Leisure Centre in Newcastle under Lyme to offer free gym/swim/class vouchers for those over 50 who live in one of our targeted wards.

Take advantage of this you won’t regret it, its brilliant. The exercises are superb and the nutritional advice is highly informative. It does change your views and habits. Makes you more aware when shopping for food. Recommended.

Weight Management
A new approach to weight management

When it comes to weight management, we all know that it’s a combination of good diet and exercise that holds the key to success. However, it’s safe to say that many of us struggle to stick to new regimes when starting out on weight loss journeys.

Stop Smoking
Pregnancy and Smoking

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life.

Stop Smoking
How Smoking Affects Others

When people smoke, everyone around them is exposed to harmful second-hand smoke.